Spoiled by my Stalker

From the moment he locks eyes with me, I’m his lucky girl… But there’s a price to pay

I’m homeless and penniless, and being told to “smile” is the last straw. When I finish giving the offender a piece of my mind, panting and flushed, a tall, dark and handsome man in an expensive suit slow claps, giving me a ghost of a smile before he turns away.

Then my luck changes dramatically.

Despite warnings about the violet eyed man I catch glimpses of—the shadowy billionaire kingpin who is now my boss—seeing him warms me. I need to know more.

The line between stalker and stalked blurs.

Then he catches me watching him. And it’s clear I’ve been the prey all along… 

Spoiled by my Stalker is a sweet and spicy mafia instalove romance with an innocent heroine who goes from rags to riches, and the morally gray kingpin who loves to treat his princess well.