Spoiled by my Stalker

From the moment I stray into the kingpin’s territory, I’m his lucky girl… But there’s a price to pay

Running for my life into his London mafia territory, immediately I’m being watched. And my luck changes. I win a competition. I land my dream job. My whole wishlist is gifted to me. 

The shadowy billionaire kingpin with violet eyes is my new neighbor and my boss. Twice my age, he’s dangerous, handsome, and compelling. I have to know more. 

The line between stalker and stalked blurs.

Then he catches me, and it’s clear I’ve been the prey all along. Because the mafia boss won’t take no for an answer… 

Spoiled by my Stalker is a sweet and spicy mafia instalove romance with an innocent heroine who goes from rags to riches, and the morally gray kingpin who loves to take care of his good girl.