Snatched by the Bratva

He’s perfect. Until he kidnaps me.

I have an excruciating crush on this man who comes into the coffee shop. Every day. He’s older, gorgeous, perfectly dressed. He has a Russian accent and silver eyes. 

On my last shift, I stop him as he’s walking out. Just to say… I don’t know. I love you, marry me and let me have your babies? Thanks for the generous tips, have a nice life?

Then he shoves me to the ground, his hard body on top of me. Shots are fired and he drags me out the back. 

Before I can breathe, I’ve been stolen away. And the mafia boss won’t let me go. 

Snatched by the Bratva is a sweet and spicy age gap instalove romance, with a jealous and possessive billionaire mafia boss and an innocent girl he’s been stalking…