Owned by her Enemy

The war is over, and the cost of peace is me

Our mafia families have been in a feud for generations, with bloodshed on both sides. When the leader of the London Bratva dies, I see a chance for an end to the fighting and beg my father to speak with the new mafia boss. 

I didn’t expect the ruthless new kingpin—an older man, gorgeous and hard—to extract such a price for a ceasefire: a mafia arranged marriage.

I’m the only bride he’ll consider. I agree to be a pawn in these two kingpin’s games, and silently make my own plans. 

Little does my new husband know, he’s made a deadly mistake. 

But maybe I have too. As it turns out, he’s been watching me this whole time…

Owned by her Enemy is a sweet and steamy age gap instalove romance, starring an obsessed billionaire bratva boss and the innocent girl who’ll kill him if he can’t make her love him first.