Older Hotter Grumpier

My boss caught me reading a very spicy book when I should have been working… The price of keeping my job? One night as his fake date.

We’ve all read a book so good we couldn’t help sneaking just one more page, right? My grumpy billionaire boss was supposed to be out for the whole afternoon, and when my favorite daydream is away from the office, I make do with fiction.

I thought I was going to be sacked, for sure. But when I begged him, he looked at me severely and told me the conditions: I have to attend an event with him this evening and pretend to be his fiancee. 

He even instructs me to sit on the black leather sofa in his office and finish reading.

And that’s when I begin to think my tragic crush might not be quite as unrequited as I imagined…

Older Hotter Grumpier is a fake dating age gap instalove romance with a naughty heroine, a hero who falls first, and happily ever after.