Kingpin’s Baby

I beg the Kingpin for help… And he offers marriage.

Faced with losing my home and my country, I take the biggest risk of my life. I ask my employer—the Kingpin whose office I clean every morning while he works—to save me.

He’s intimidating. Twice my age, a silver fox in a sharp black suit. But over the last year we’ve talked, the only people in the building as the sun rises, pink over the London skyline.

All I need is a statement of necessary employment from him to stop me being deported. But the Kingpin offers me something else. A marriage of convenience.

A whirlwind wedding, and we promise it’s just for show. No feelings. No love. A fake.

He suggests we share a bedroom, to ensure no one suspects. But I know there’s only one thing to prove this a real marriage. If I can’t have my husband’s love, I want to give him my V-card in one night together, and have a sweet memory afterwards.

His baby.

Kingpin’s Baby is a sweet and spicy age gap instalove romance with a jealous and possessive mafia boss billionaire hero and the girl he’s been stalking.