Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss

I locked myself in the bathroom when my date pulled out a knife. Then a tall dark rescuer crashed through the door… and kidnapped me.

I know it’s risky, posting my darkest fantasies anonymously online. Especially when they start going viral. But how was I to know the first guy I’ve ever dated would turn out to be an obsessed stalker-fan?

Although I write about wanting a man to force himself upon me, this reality isn’t nearly as appealing. It’s locked bathroom, panic texting, terrified-for-my-life.

Until the Bratva mafia boss steals me away.

Dimitri is tall, muscled, gruff. He has salt and pepper hair and is twice my age. 

I’ve seen him before. Last week he helped me up when I tripped into a puddle. And I’m pretty sure it was him who took home that stray dog I was worried about.

Turns out, I don’t have one stalker, I have two. One wants to kill me, the other wants to keep me. 

Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss is a sweet and spicy age gap instalove romance with a protective and obsessed billionaire hero and an innocent girl with naughty dreams.