His Public Claim

My innocence is up for auction, sold to the highest bidder.

The man in the shadows bids an outrageous amount to buy me and pay my father’s debts. But when he carries me off the stage, the enforcers stop him, weapons drawn. 

“You have to take her here. With everyone watching.”

The only way for him to save my life is to take my virginity in a mafia den of danger, vice, outrageous luxury, and perverted pleasures.

He covers my body with his, and demands, “Look at me.”

His green eyes flash and my fear slips away.

“No one is going to see or hear anything. Because you’re mine.”

His Public Claim is a sweet and spicy instalove romance with a possessive and obsessed mafia boss who has been stalking his girl, and the heroine who didn’t realize he’s been watching her all along.