Content Guidance

Hi! These are content warnings or trigger warnings for readers about what you’ll find in Evie Rose books. They’re presented without judgment (hence the term “guidance”) so readers can make their own minds up about what they’d like to read. 

It’s fair to assume these notes apply to all Evie Rose books, though the balance and extent is different for each story. At the beginning of the book, after the Copyright page but before the Contents page, there will be a Content Guidance page with a brief list of what can be found in the book.

However, in general, you’ll find…

Age gap

You’ll find an age gap of 10+ years between the older hero and the younger heroine. Usually closer to 20+ years.

Power dynamics

The hero will usually have substantially more physical, monetary, and social power than the heroine. 


Love at first sight. Pretty much always.

Virginity and experience 

The heroine will have substantially less sexual and life experience than the hero. 

Forced proximity 

The heroine is often going to be kidnapped, snowed in, or otherwise forced into close proximity by and or with the hero. 

Dub con 

Though there will usually be clear verbal consent or consent in the character’s thoughts, the forced proximity will frequently make the consent dubious. 

Role play

The characters might also engage in role play of non consent scenarios. While both characters will be enthusiastically consenting to the role play, this may not always be on page. 

Breeding kink

The characters may talk about the heroine getting pregnant, whether the risk is real or imaginary. 


There may be on page violence and death of side characters. 

There may be physical violence between the heroine and hero as they figure out their relationship dynamic. E.g. if the heroine is being kidnapped, she’s going to fight back, and the hero is going to have to restrain her.

Praise kink

The hero is going to call her a good girl. Probably a lot.

Primal play

Sort of related to the violence, there might well be instances where they play with the idea of her being chased or hunted, or fighting him.


To a lesser or greater degree, the hero will have been keeping an eye on the heroine.

Jealous and Possessive hero

Once the hero has fallen in love, he’s not going to put up with anyone else touching his heroine.

Consensual Non Consent

My characters might play with the FMC saying no when she means yes. There will be consent on page for this, but it won’t be a full, healthy, sit-down conversation with lots of safeguards like you’d have in real life. Very much based on fantasy and trust. (i.e. I don’t advocate this approach in real life, but these books are fiction.)