Claimed by the Mobster

I’m in love with my ex-boyfriend’s dad: a dangerous and powerful mafia boss twice my age.

He saved me.

I was desperate for a place to spend the night, and when I turned up on his doorstep in the pouring rain, Mr Crosse took me in.

For six months we repeated this pattern, the attraction shimmering between us, hot and wrong.

He kidnapped me.

On a lonely night back at home, I wake to the stab of a needle. The last thing I remember is Mr Crosse shooting my attacker and scooping me up. When I come to, I’m trapped with him in his bedroom, and… Oh, ground swallow me… I think I confessed my love while out-of-it. 

Now my ex’s dad won’t let me leave.

Claimed by the Mobster is a sweet and spicy age gap instalove romance, starring an obsessed billionaire mafia boss and the girl he mustn’t have, but can’t resist.