Character Search!

Baby Proposal

Rhys Cavendish, kingpin of Canary Wharf, and Adi. The origin story for the London Maths Club!

Snatched by the Bratva

Lina and Artem Moroz, the kingpin of Mayfair. Another perspective on the start of the London Maths Club beginnings.

Taken by Kingpin

Jeanette and Sebastian Laurent.

Stolen by the Mafia King

Jessa and Grant Lambeth.

Caught by the Kingpin

Felicity and Marco Brent.

Claimed by the Mobster

Anwyn and Benedict, kingpin of Westminster. Origin story for the London Mafia Syndicate, and features Artem Moroz.

Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss

Jenna and Dimitri Voronov, kingpin of Rotherhithe

Spoiled by my Stalker

Lily Sullivan (21) and Kane Anderson (40), kingpin of Croydon.

His Public Claim

Nicole Highbury and Lev Vasiliev. Introduces the Essex Cartel.

Kingpin’s Baby

Ren Smith (22) and Jasper Booth (42), kingpin of Fulham.

Owned by her Enemy 

Lotte (Charlotte) Tottenham (22) and Nikolai Edmonton (40). The rivalry between Edmonton and Tottenham.

Older Hotter Grumpier

Ella and Rafe Blackwood. Introduces the Blackwood triplets.

Eager Housewife

Blythe and Duncan, kingpin of Blackstone.

Held by the Bratva

Caterina and Brody, kingpin of Angel. Brody is the “Dark Angel” and one who at London Mafia Syndicate meetings tends to run out of patience and kill the captive. He does that in a couple of books, but you’ll see him being grumpy in Eager Housewife and Kidnapped by the Mafia Boss.

Captured by the Mafia Boss

Lia (21) and King (41). The story of the Camden mafia (the mafia who have tortured pretty much every kingpin in London at some point in their youth).

Captive Desires

Cleo Whitlock and Ian.

Forbidden Appeal

Mia and James.

Tall, Dark, and Grumpy

Vito Blackwood’s book, with Cassie Meadows.

Seized by the Mafia King

This is the wedding that Zane Bethnal says in Held by the Bratva that he’s going to ruin.