Caught by the Kingpin

Kidnapper. Stalker. Mafia boss. Guardian angel?

I awake to the sound of gunshots. Then a hand over my mouth. In a blur of noise and smoke, he steals me away.

At his mansion, he treats me like a princess, for all I’m a girl in cherry patterned pajamas.

The mafia boss growls that I’m safe and he won’t touch me, but warns I shouldn’t try his patience by attempting to escape. I saw an open window on the ground floor. There’s no way I’m staying as his little hostage.

I creep out of my luxurious bedroom. At the end of the corridor, I hear his deep voice.

“That’s the game you want to play, is it? Try then. But if I catch you, you’ll be mine.”

I run.

Caught by the Kingpin is a sweet and steamy age gap instalove romance with a possessive and obsessed billionaire hero and the innocent girl who doesn’t know the danger he’s saving her from.